Labels and Stickers Printing

labels and stickers printing

Product labels as you need them!

We specialize in express digital printing on papers and self-adhesive films. Our labels printed on the roll are dedicated to producers who offer a selected range or in special, limited series. Craft wines and craft beers. Honey from the regional apiary, original blends of teas and coffees and food products of a wide range of applications. Yes, labels and stickers printing from minimum quantities and express delivery times – this is what we offer!

roll labels and stickers printing

Printing labels and stickers on a roll in any shape and quantity.

custom shape stickers

The technology with which we print labels and stickers means that we will make the production according to your needs, even in the case of low volumes. We perform cutting according to the shape digitally. You are not burdened with the additional cost of making a traditional die.

Self-adhesive labels with a wide range of applications.

Digital printing of labels and stickers is a production adapted to the current demand. You don’t have to print more than you really need to fix. You can dynamically react to changes in regulations or modify the design of labels depending on changing regulations. Roll labels are ready for quick and precise automatic or manual application. Our labels can be used for indirect food contact.

Our printed labels can be used to mark many products. We print on PP self-adhesive films, semigloss paper and decorative papers. Printing with the highest resolution of 1200 dpi. It llows us to reproduce the smallest details and fonts. This is quite an important element in the case of extensive composition descriptions or many language versions.

A large number of projects? No problem! You can implement multiple short series based on a variety of projects while still within the same budget. Barcodes, QR codes or self-adhesive labels with variable data? Of course, we will make them, because personalization is easily available for digital printing technology.

clear stickers printed

Printing with white ink on transparent labels.

In addition to the standard CMYK palette, we also print stickers with white ink. This option allows us to print on transparent films. Our labels are dedicated to the following surfaces: cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, furniture boards, varnished surfaces.

Our offer includes the following self-adhesive labels:

  • self-adhesive paper glossy
  • self-adhesive matte paper
  • decorative, textured papers
  • PP and PVC self-adhesive films
  • metallic silver self-adhesive film
  • transparent self-adhesive film

Express digital printing
roll labels.

Deep, saturated colours. High resolution and precise mapping of the smallest elements.

Product labels dedicated to industrial applications. We print low and medium volumes within an express delivery time. PP film, semi-gloss paper and textured substrates.

shhet labels and stickers printing digital on HP Indigo

Printing of stickers in sheets.

CMYK + White + Orange inks. Printing on transparent films with white underprint.

Thanks to advanced HP Electroink inks, we successfully print on papers and self-adhesive films. The paints are certified for use on food packaging. HP Indigo printing is called digital offset for a reason!

Express printing of labels and stickers on a roll is available for you in our printing house in Pruszków near Warsaw with convenient access and free parking. If you need a quick quote or want to discuss the details, please contact us by phone or e-mail. You can also find more details at: SUPRAPRINT.