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Various types of large format outdoor banners.

Large format banners have become an inseparable element of the advertising landscape. In the modern world of effective visual communication, outdoor advertising is a proven promotional tool. Printed tarpaulins are used during advertising campaigns, events and sporting events. It is also a great opportunity to strengthen your brand recognition. However, when the decision comes to choose the right type of PVC banner, there are several factors to consider. In this article, we will look at the differences between the most popular types of large format banners.

How are vinyl tarps made?

The inner layer responsible for the durability of the PVC tarpaulin is a polyester mesh. The thickness and density of the weave of this mesh are responsible for the tensile and tearing resistance of large-format banners. In the next stage of production, the mesh is covered with a PVC layer made of granulate. Depending on the coating method, the vinyl tarpaulin obtains appropriate technical parameters. An additional attribute of large format banners is the optional flame retardancy process.

1. Low budget short-term banners.

Laminated banners are a popular choice for those looking for a cost-effective advertising option without the long-term exposure required. They are made of polyester mesh laminated with a PVC layer, which makes them resistant to weather conditions such as rain and wind. Their undoubted advantage is their affordable price, which makes them an attractive solution for short-term advertising campaigns.

2. Coated banners are long-term advertising.

Premium coated banners offer the highest quality of workmanship and exceptional durability. The core of premium banners is a densely woven polyester mesh. The surface of the tarpaulin is made by coating with high-quality PVC granules. This makes the coating durable and flexible, providing excellent resistance to adverse external conditions and UV radiation. These large format banners are especially recommended for long-term advertising campaigns, where aesthetics and durability are key.

PVC Advertising Banner

3. Airy mesh banners optimal for outdoor use.

Mesh banners are an excellent choice for advertising placed in open areas where wind may be a problem. Thanks to their perforated structure, they allow free air flow, which reduces the risk of damage by strong wind. Moreover, their lightweight design facilitates assembly and transportation. Printed mesh nets are most often chosen as building banners, temporary construction fences and protective barriers.

4. Double-sided blockout banners.

The double-sided blockout banner is a solution dedicated to use in special advertising projects. Its unique structure has an additional layer that blocks the see-through. An additional advantage is the fact that the blockout banner allows you to print two different graphics on both sides of the tarpaulin. This makes stoplight banners an ideal solution for places where there is a need for exposure on both sides, such as scaffolding, street lamps, fairs and events.

blackback frontlit durable pvc banner large format printing of banners

5. Blackback are banners with a dark backing.

Blackback is a special coated banner with a dark backing. This formula is a unique advantage when we want to effectively cover the background and ensure that it is not see-through. Thanks to this, these advertising tarpaulins achieve excellent image quality and are more aesthetic, especially when placed in illuminated places. They are the perfect solution for a high-class advertising presentation. It is worth mentioning here that blackback is a banner dedicated to single-sided printing. This coated banner is intended for long-term display.

Print outdoor banner that best suits your needs!

Choosing the right type of outdoor banner depends on many factors, such as budget, weather conditions, location and expectations regarding quality and durability. Low-cost laminated banners may be ideal for short-term campaigns, while premium coated banners will work well for long-term, high-end projects.

Airy PVC mesh is a perfect solution for places with strong winds, and double-sided blockout banners allow for maximum use of advertising space. Blackback banners with a dark bottom, on the other hand, offer high image quality and aesthetics, especially when combined with additional lighting. The outdoor banners in our offer have a diverse range of applications, so it is important that you carefully consider your needs before making a decision.