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Advertising backwalls

Large-format presentation walls.

Advertising backwalls are an integral element of modern fairs, exhibitions and promotional events. This large-format banner is an effective presentation of products, services or brands in a way that attracts the attention of potential customers. Printing presentation and exhibition walls plays a key role in the promotion process, so it is worth paying attention to the professional approach to their implementation.

Advertising backwalls printed on a banner, fabric or backlight.

Supraprint24 is a printing house of mobile exhibition and advertising systems that offers a wide range of services related to the production and personalization of advertising walls. Thanks to modern digital printing technologies, it is possible to reproduce even the most complex patterns and graphics on various types of materials, such as: banner, fabric, blackback or backlit.

Promotional backdrop printed in wide format.

An important advantage of large-format digital printing is the ability to quickly adapt to customer needs, which include printing individual graphics on a wide range of advertising substrates. Thanks to this, even smaller companies can afford to professionally present their products at fairs or events. Our solutions for the production of advertising walls for business are a proven partner when promoting your brand.

Mobile exhibition systems.

It is also worth paying attention to the mobile nature of exhibition and advertising systems, which were created to organize cyclical events in many places. Easy installation of advertising backwalls are a really important element, which is why our mechanisms have the most simplified construction. The low weight and modular nature of advertising walls allow for expansion or combination of system elements. These are important advantages, especially in the case of frequent trips to various types of trade fairs and events.

Printed advertising backwalls are an effective way to promote your brand!

Choose the type of advertising backwalls that best meets the needs of your event. Most of our systems offer the possibility of replacing printed graphics after the end of a campaign, event or trade fair. Thanks to this, you can use your existing mechanism again and only order reprinting of graphics with a new design. This significantly reduces your company's marketing costs.

By using the services of a printing house of mobile exhibition and advertising systems, you can be sure that your presentation will be professional and attract the attention of potential customers. Printing presentation and exhibition backwalls is an investment that will certainly bring tangible benefits in the form of increased brand recognition and promotion of products or services. Take advantage of promotion during fairs, training and events by ordering printed advertising walls!