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Wallpaper printed with your artwork

Custom printed wallcovering is a proven solution for interior decoration.

Wallpapers printed with any patterns and motifs are a unique and proven method to change the appearance of the interior of a company office, restaurant, school or kindergarten. In our online printing house, we offer the most popular types of printed wallpapers. Regardless of whether you are a company looking for a unique way to promote, an advertising agency looking for new creative possibilities, or a private client who wants to personalize their spaces, printed wallpapers are the perfect solution.

Photo wallpaper with individual printing for companies and institutions.

For companies and advertising agencies, printed photo wallpapers offer unlimited possibilities in building stylish interiors consistent with the visual identification of a given company. Thanks to large-format printing technology, you can easily transfer a logo, advertising slogan, product graphics or other company identification elements to the wallpaper surface, creating unique and noticeable compositions. Printed wallpapers also enable the creation of creative and impressive decorations at fairs, events and in office and commercial spaces, attracting the attention of customers and building brand recognition.

Decoration of spaces in schools, kindergartens and restaurants using printed walcovering.

Printed wallpapers are an expressive form of interior decoration that not only adds character to the rooms, but also enriches the atmosphere and visual impressions. Wallcovering with individual prints are becoming more and more popular in various places, from commercial spaces to home interiors. For schools, kindergartens and restaurants, choosing wallpapers with your own pattern can be crucial in building a unique visual identity and creating an inspiring and friendly atmosphere for students, children and guests.

Individually printed photo wallpapers allow you to express individuality and creativity in any room. For schools and kindergartens, wallpapers can be an excellent tool to create a friendly and educational environment. Printed wallpapers with animal motifs, colorful letters or friendly characters can not only decorate walls, but also stimulate imagination and encourage children to learn.

In the case of a restaurant, wallpapers can be a key element in creating the atmosphere and style of the interior. Printed wallcovering with motifs of culinary art, inspiring landscapes or abstract patterns can give the restaurant a unique character and be remembered by guests.

We print wallpaper of the highest quality using two technologies.

UVgel printing: Extremely precise and durable UVgel printing is the standard in wallpaper production. The dimensional stability of the wallpaper pieces is achieved thanks to the low fixing temperature. UVgel ink is certified for indoor use and is exceptionally mechanically resistant compared to other inks. Additionally, it is resistant to most solvents, so wallpaper lamination is not required. The FLX function allows you to achieve an additional selective varnish effect!

Latex printing: Latex printing technology has been tested by relevant certification centers and approved for use inside homes, offices as well as in public buildings such as schools, kindergartens and hospitals. Printing with latex inks guarantees the widest color gamut, saturation and the highest light resistance.

To produce custom-made photo wallcovering, we use certified and proven raw materials:

  • latex and non-woven wallpaper
  • washable vinyl wallpaper
  • self-adhesive wallpaper with lamination option
  • self-adhesive fabrics with glue enabling repositioning
  • premium structural wallpaper imitating sand, canvas, concrete, stone

Order wallpaper printed according to your design!

Thanks to the growing popularity of printed wallcovering, the ordering process has become extremely easy and accessible to everyone. Large-format printing allows you to transfer virtually any pattern or photo onto wallpaper. Thanks to this, the customer has the opportunity to create a photo wallpaper with exactly the pattern he or she dreamed of. Individual projects, family photographs or favorite landscapes can be reproduced on high-quality wallpapers, creating unique arrangements in any room.

Printed wallpapers are a versatile solution for companies, advertising agencies and private clients. Thanks to the possibility of printing in any patterns and the easy online ordering process, these photo wallpapers are an excellent way to personalize the space and effectively promote it. Offering unlimited creative possibilities and high quality of workmanship, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice in the field of decoration and advertising.