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Advertising printing on rigid substrates

Production of signs, signage on rigid large-format boards.

Large-format printing on boards enables the production of durable signs and signs necessary for effective visual communication. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, creative and professional printed advertising materials can definitely help increase the visibility and interest in your products or services. In this matter, large-format printing on rigid boards offers the production of durable signs intended for indoor and outdoor use.

Why is it worth choosing printing on rigid substrates dedicated to advertising?

Large-format printing on rigid boards is a perfect solution for those who are looking for durable and effective advertising materials. Unlike traditional posters or banners, which can be easily damaged or crushed, materials printed on rigid boards are resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Thanks to them, your ad will look professional for a long time, regardless of where it is placed.

The benefits of large format printing on plates for your business.

  • High quality printing: Thanks to advanced digital printing technology, we can ensure excellent quality reproduction of graphics and photos on rigid plates.
  • Durability: Materials such as composite aluminum and PVC are resistant to weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor applications.
  • Versatility: Large-format printing on rigid boards can be used to produce a variety of advertising materials, such as signs and information boards, directional signs in pedestrian areas, campaign elements on POS stands, shelf extensions and strips in supermarkets, election posters on poles and many others.
  • Custom shape: Printed rigid advertising boards can be cut or milled according to the special shape of your die.

Choose printing on rigid advertising boards that will best meet your needs.

Our offer includes many different types of rigid boards that can be used for large-format printing. Here are some of the most popular:

  1. Foamed PVC: This light and stiff material is the most frequently chosen board. It comes in many thicknesses. Thanks to its smooth surface, foamed PVC is perfect for printing high-quality graphics and photos.
  2. Aluminum composite: Dibond is a material consisting of two thin layers of aluminum connected by a durable polyethylene core layer. It is extremely durable and resistant to deformation, which makes it perfect for outdoor advertising applications.
  3. Correx - fluted polypropylene: These lightweight boards feature a hollow core structure, making them an excellent choice for outdoor applications such as printed campaign elements and promotional and election posters.
  4. HIPS: High-impact polystyrene boards with high hardness, widely used for the production of advertising elements at the point of sale. The most frequently ordered thickness is from 1 to 2 mm. HIPS is a flexible material that can be bent and is intended for universal interior applications.
  5. Dispa: Multi-layer boards are an innovative material made of recycled paper, which, thanks to its lightness and stiffness, is perfect for the production of ecological advertising materials. The test is light, but relatively stiff and is an ecological alternative to PVC boards. Dispa is ready for further recycling.
  6. Katz Display Board: High-quality hard paper boards with a semi-matt surface. Environmentally friendly, they are a great alternative to synthetic boards. Very stiff and at the same time light, they are ideal for the production of all stands, suspensions and displays.

Order online printing on rigid large-format plates and signs!

Large-format printing on rigid plates is an extremely effective advertising tool that allows you to distinguish your brand and convey your message in a professional and effective way. Thanks to the variety of available materials and high-quality printing, you can be sure that your advertising will be noticed and remembered by potential customers.