Fluted Polypropylene

Fluted Polypropylene

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    Printed Fluted Polypropylene – Correx
    Cheap advertisement on rigid and light material

    Correx – fluted polypropylene is probably the most popular advertising material, widely used in particular as an economical advertising label, which due to low costs can be very often changed without straining the advertising budget. Fluted polypropylene boards are made of strong corrugated plastic, also known as cartonplast. It is an inexpensive, very light, durable and extremely versatile material. Thanks to the highest quality of printing on our modern LED-UV flatbed, we can prove that cheap advertising boards can always look stunning and have a very positive impact on the image of your company.

    We print on the 3 most popular types of PP plates:

    • fluted polypropylene 3 mm / 400 gsm
    • fluted polypropylene 5 mm / 600 gsm
    • honeycomb polypropylene 3 mm / 600 gsm

    Correx Polypropylene Plates are extremely light and relatively stiff.

    Printed material can be cut on the surface in order to crease and obtain spatial forms. The material is waterproof. We offer a full color CMYK print with a maximum resolution of 1440 dpi, which allows you to get almost photographic quality. Prints are resistant to external conditions such as solar radiation and water. In addition, polypropylene is an ecological material without pvc content. The maximum size of the 100 x 75 cm sheet and after printing can be digitally cut to any shape based on the die. The following thicknesses are available: 3mm, 5mm. If you are looking for bigger size or higher thickness of polypropylene, check more details on SUPRAPRINT.

    The most popular advertising materials we produce from Corriboard are:

    • advertising and info sign
    • safety signs for construction site fences
    • mobile advertising on bicycles
    • posters and ballot boxes
    • promotional overlays
    • cutouts stands
    • spatial forms, cubes
    • pallet tops and overlays
    • bollard covers
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