Heras Fence Cover PREMIUM

Heras Fence Cover PREMIUM

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    Cover PREMIUM for Heras Fence.
    Banners for temporary fences at the construction site.

    We are a producer of advertising banners for temporary construction fences. Our covers are an effective form of advertising. They are an irreplaceable element in the visual communication of your company. Thanks to the perforated structure, the printed mesh banner allow free air flow without affecting the integrity of the fence. Heras effectively separates the construction site from the public zone. We offer printed banners in the most popular sizes that match the structure of openwork fences. If you need a different size, we can also make it.

    The most important features:

    • size of the temporary fence: 350 x 200 cm
    • size of the banner: 3350 x 1750 mm or 3375 x 1780 mm
    • CMYK full-colour printing
    • high resistance to weather conditions
    • reinforced edge
    • steel eyelets around the format
    • material used: polyester mesh 115 gsm
    • flame retardant certificate
    • airy thanks to the perforated structure

    We produce advertising banners using technologies resistant to weather conditions, such as wind, water or UV radiation.

    Two types of material are available. The standard 280g PVC mesh is a very popular material chosen by customers who expect a compromise between price and quality. The second is a 115g polyester mesh. It is a premium material. Its greatest advantage is its extremely low weight and volume during transport, and at the same time high resistance. It is an ecological material with no PVC content.

    Both materials can be fully printed by us, using the colours available in the CMYK palette. Company special colours Pantone or RAL can be obtained by conversion to CMYK. Printed covers have strong, saturated colours and high resolution of the printed image. Fence nets, reinforce around the edges and put steel eyelets in them approximately every 50 cm. Thanks to this, the durability of the banner is much higher, and the installation on the fence takes less time.

    Heras temporary fencing banners

    Are most often used at construction sites, because they protect the area from the negative impact on the environment, while promoting the investor’s or contractor’s logo. Heras fences allow you to create a safe and compliant construction site. Their structure offers a mobile fence, easy to move when the construction changes its character. Printed banners for temporary fencing are also popular among our clients from the event industry. You can use them successfully during: sports events, exhibitions, concerts, designating communication routes or for advertising real estate.

    Openwork construction fences are the most frequently chosen form of temporary fencing. The galvanized frame is filled with steel mesh, thanks to which the finished panel is durable and has a low weight. Fences produced in this way meet the essential needs of customers who expect portable and easy-to-install fences.

    If our standard offer lacks a product that meets your needs, please contact us so that we can prepare a personalized offer tailored to your expectations. We accept orders by phone and e-mail. It is always possible to receive an individual quote for products from our offer. We guarantee attractive prices, a simple, intuitive order form, and above all, quick implementation. More details on SUPRAPRINT.

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