Self-adhesive vinyl for advertising, signage and decoration

self-adhesive vinyl for advertising, signage and decoration

Choose the self-adhesive vinyl that best meets your needs.

Large format adhesive vinyl is a versatile material that is used in many areas, from advertising and marking to decoration. Choosing the right foil is crucial to achieving the expected results. In today’s article, we will look at different types of self-adhesive films and their applications to help you make an informed choice.

Short-term monomeric vinyl.

Monomeric vinyl is one of the most popular choices due to its affordability and wide range of applications. It is a self-adhesive vinyl with a limited durability, ideal for short-term advertising campaigns, promotions or seasonal decorations. Its average durability is 1-3 years and is intended for sticking to flat surfaces.

Medium term polymeric vinyl.

Polymeric outdoor vinyl is the most frequently chosen material for permanent signage. It is characterized by increased durability and resistance to weather conditions, which lasts on average 3-5 years. It is an excellent choice for outdoor applications where longer life and UV resistance are required. The polymeric foil is suitable for medium-term signs and interior decoration, providing a lasting visual effect. It can be applied to flat, slightly rounded or concave surfaces.

Long-term cast vinyl.

Cast vinyl is characterized by the highest durability and resistance to external conditions. It is an ideal choice for long-term applications such as vehicle graphics or advertising boards on the exterior walls of buildings. Its high flexibility allows application on complex-shaped surfaces, ensuring excellent quality and durability. The foil can be pasted into any shape and its average durability is 5-7 years.

Perforated One Way Vision vinyl.

One Way Vision vinyl is a perforated self-adhesive material. It allows the exposure of printed graphics while maintaining visibility and access to external light on the adhesive side. This is an ideal solution for advertising on shop windows, vehicles or office windows. It provides privacy inside the room while displaying advertising content outside.

Easy to apply Easy Dot vinyl.

Easy Dot is an innovative self-adhesive vinyl characterized by a special glue in the form of dots, which facilitates application and eliminates the risk of air bubbles formation during gluing. This is a perfect solution for self-installation of graphics on walls, windows or vehicles, ensuring quick and easy application without the need for specialized tools.

Decorative frosted glass vinyl for a stylish arrangement of windows.

Etched dusted or frosted glass vinyl is a material often used for subtle and stylish decoration of office spaces. The frosted vinyl imitates the sandblasting effect and is intended for gluing shop windows and internal partition glass separating rooms and corridors. It will work perfectly in an office, public office or medical clinic. Matting foil for windows allows you to design an interesting space with a subtle character.

Floor stickers are advertising that will not leave you indifferent.

Floor stickers can be applied in many, even non-standard places. Communication routes, halls and warehouses are zones where floor foils will perfectly fulfill their information and advertising functions. If you are planning a short or medium-term promotional campaign, this is the product for you. Its advantage is easy application that does not require special skills. Floor stickers are secured by a laminate with an anti-slip certificate. Surface of the laminate allows for a high level of safety for this product. We can cut anti-slip stickers into regular or any shape.

PVC-Free self-adhesive film.

PVC-Free films are an ecological alternative to traditional PVC vinyls, which makes them more environmentally friendly. Made from PVC-free materials, they are an excellent choice for companies that want to print on self-adhesive foil with a sustainable impact on the environment. Despite their ecological nature, these films maintain high quality and durability. PVC-free film is an excellent choice for projects dedicated to short-term applications.

Choose large format vinyls for your business!

To sum up, choosing the right self-adhesive vinyls is an important element in the production of advertising graphics. Regardless of whether you need cheap, short-term advertising, durable decorations or an ecological solution, at Supraprint24 you will print the self-adhesive vinyl that will best meet your expectations. Remember to consult our sales department, who will advise you on how to choose the right sticking material tailored to the needs of your business.