Wide Format Printing

wide format printing on banner vinyl fabrics

Production of Advertising on a wide range of substrates.

We produce wide format printing products on the most popular materials used in advertising. Our products are successfully used in promotional campaigns, in POS production, as interior decoration elements, photo wallpapers, decorative and scenographic graphics, as well as short and long-term signage elements.

Our offer includes a really rich portfolio of advertising materials. Thanks to which the implementation of comprehensive orders will not be a challenge. Most orders are completed within a few business days, but if necessary, we also offer express or 24h service. Therefore, ask what we can do for you and you will find out that our portfolio is really interesting.

Outdoor-indoor prints we frequently do on:

  • laminated banners 440 gsm / 500 gsm
  • coated banners 450 gsm / B1 510 gsm
  • blockout banners 440 gsm / 650 gsm
  • polyester fabrics up to 320 cm wide
  • self-adhesive vinyls: monomeric, polymeric and cast.
  • poster papers and thick cardboard
  • magnetic stickers
  • Katz Display coated cardboard panels
  • foamed and hard PVC
  • composite aluminum ACP Dibond panels
  • pmma acrylic sheets, plexiglass, perspex
  • HIPS, fluted polypropylene and PET

The best wide format printing technologies to choose from!

We work using the most popular wide format printing technologies such as: UV, Latex, Sublimation, Solvent and Eco-solvent, as well as HP Indigo digital printing. We print on virtually all available raw materials used in advertising, and the use of additional white ink in large-format printing allows us to print transparent and mass-dyed raw materials. Our machine park allows us to print virtually any product in the required size, which is why the entire production is carried out directly in our factory. We only use original inks compliant with European REACH standards, which guarantee the highest resistance to fading and the effects of external conditions.

Wide format prints with the finishing you need.

Although large-format prints are the main pillar of our business, we also provide most of the finishing processes:
  • eyelets and welding banners
  • hemming of fabrics
  • tunnels, edge reinforcement by welding
  • sewing flat or round keder
  • cutting and milling boards to any shape
  • laminating of self-adhesive films and wallpapers
  • plotting stickers
  • thermal folding of foamed PVC and plexiglass panels

SUPRAPRINT is a large format printing house that will meet your expectations.

We understand your needs and the changing market of advertising products. That’s why we are constantly trying to improve the production processes in our large-format printing house to meet various expectations. Our production capacity allows us to execute most large-format orders in the shortest possible terms – even within 24 hours. Max size of plates on which we print: 200 x 300 cm, and roll materials up to a width of 500 cm. If necessary, we combine larger sizes with panels.

We deliver orders throughout Europe, but also to many local recipients. You can order even 1 pc, but we are also ready for big challenges and volumes, but the most important thing for us is that the product you receive simply meets your expectations.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full offer of large format printing on many substrates used in the advertising industry. If you need a quick quote or want to discuss details, please contact us by phone or e-mail. For more information go to SUPRAPRINT.