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In the production process we use the following technologies of printing:

  • Led UV
  • Latex
  • Sublimation
  • Ecosolvent
  • Solvent
  • Digital HP Indigo

We try to continuously improve our machinery park, making use of solutions from the best suppliers.

We make continuous effort to improve our machinery park, making use of solutions from the best suppliers. We are supported by leaders of printing industry who assure the highest quality and efficiency of their solutions. At Supraprint, we use latex printing, sublimation printing, eco-solvent and HP Indigo digital printing technologies.

The substrates we print on most often:

  • printing on foamed or hard pvc,
  • printing on hips, kappa x-foam, pet, polypropylene
  • printing on plexiglass
  • printing on dibond
  • printing of advertising vinyl banners
  • mesh banners printing
  • printing of double-sided blockout banners
  • printing on self-adhesive vinyls
  • floor stickers and decals
  • printing on backlight film for lightbox graphics
  • exhibition systems roll-up and pop-up
  • taxtile backdrops and backwalls
  • printing of custom company flags, beachflags and flying banners
  • printing of fabric banners

Latex Printing

Odorless and ecological latex printing offers the highest print quality in 1200 dpi resolution and unparalleled color repeatability thanks to the built-in spectrophotometer. Secure application of latex prints is possible in any type of interior also in public buildings such as a hotel, school or hospital. Prints retain their colors, water and light resistance, indoors for 5 years, and for external use from 3 to 5 years. Latex prints are characterized by relatively high abrasion resistance, and the inks are flexible and stretchy.

Latex prints have numerous certificates: GREENGUARD Children & SchoolSustainable Green PrintingHP Planet PartnersNordic Ecolabel

Substrates on which we print in latex technology are: paper, banner, blockout, self-adhesive foil, backlight, wallpaper, fabrics, canvas. Max. the print width is 320 cm.

UV Large Format Printing

High-quality digital printing for printing mainly flat substrates such as foamed pvc boards, plexiglass, composite dibond boards, Katz Display Board cardboard boards and many others. The UV printing technology enables obtaining the highest quality images, characterized by high resistance to abrasion and UV radiation. The printed plate can be cut to any shape. Additional white ink allows for printing transparent or dyed raw materials.

Large-format UV prints are widely used in the production of advertising graphics such as: indoor / instore (store equipment elements), signage (signs, logos, decorations, graphic elements). Max. surface of the printed element can be: 200 x 300 cm.

Sublimation Printing

The technology uses odorless water-based inks that are environmentally friendly. It is used for printing on polyester fabrics. The printout is fixed in an oven at a temperature of about 185′-200 ‘C, thanks to which it is characterized by a wide range of colors, high saturation and resistance to external conditions. Printed polyester fabrics are most often used for the production of various types of advertising and decorative products.

Most often we print: company flags, advertising flags (beachflag, flying banners), textile banners, elements of set design, graphics for fairs and events. Max print width 320 cm. We offer different variants of fabric hems and finishes.

Ecosolvent Printing

In this technology, we use Mutoh UMS inks, which can be called fully ecological, because they meet stringent European standards and have a written Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort certificate. The print has a wide color gamut and light resistance.

Printing takes place at the highest resolution of 1440 dpi, thanks to which it is possible to reproduce the smallest details. Nano Resin UMS inks are 4-generation inks based on a resin blend, containing very durable pigments. The maximum print width is 160 cm.

Solvent Printing

This printing technology uses pigmented solvent inks (based on organic solvents). The biggest advantage of this technique is high resistance to UV radiation, atmospheric conditions including ultraviolet radiation and high resistance to mechanical damage. The maximum width of media printing from the roll is 320 cm.

Digital Printing HP Indigo

Dedicated to the production of low costs within express deadlines. It provides the highest print quality comparable to the quality of the offset. Thanks to the use of Electroink liquid ink, the print layer is imperceptible to the touch. HP Indigo allows printing on a wide range of substrates including decorative, textured and foil. Additional white paint allows for printing transparent or dyed raw materials. Max print format: 310 x 435 mm. The most frequently printed products are: leaflets, folders, posters, business cards, presentations, calendars, menus, offers and etc.