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Beach flag bases

Fix your advertising flag in a safe and proven way.

Beachflags are an excellent promotional tool at outdoor events, fairs and festivals. Their high visibility makes them an ideal way to attract the attention of potential customers and stand out from the crowd. However, to ensure their stability and operational certainty, appropriate foundations are necessary.

Our offer includes a wide selection of flying banner bases that guarantee solid mounting and stability of your flag even during unfavorable weather conditions. We offer the most popular types of bases that will be suitable for most outdoor events, concerts and commercial events.

Choose a beach flag base that meets your requirements.

One of our bestsellers is the steel ground spike, which is perfect for grassy areas. In the case of sandy ground on the beach, we recommend using a screwdriver. A cross-shaped or flat steel base works best indoors, e.g. in a car showroom or during trade fairs. Heavy rubber bases and a water container are typical bases designed for outdoor applications.

Beachflag bases take care of your unique event!

Thanks to our wide range of beach flag bases, you can be sure that your advertising will always be clearly visible and attractive to potential customers. Choose the right base for your flag and enjoy effective promotion of your brand at every event!

Our offer includes most of the popular bases for beachflag:

  1. Steel ground spike: This solid and durable base made of high-quality steel will guarantee the stability of your advertising flag even in strong winds. The spike is equipped with a rotator, thanks to which the flag rotates freely in the wind.
  2. Twin ground spike: This improved base features two points, which makes it even more stable than a traditional steel driver. Thanks to this, the advertising flag remains vertical even in very strong gusts of wind.
  3. Drill screwdriver: If you can't drive the base into the ground, a screwdriver is the perfect solution. Thanks to its spiral design, you can easily and safely screw the base into soft ground such as grass or sand.
  4. Steel cross: This solid base is ideal for use on a hard surface such as concrete, pavement or flooring. It ensures stability and certainty that your advertising flag will be visible for a long time. Additional 4 holes allow you to use this base also on soft ground by inserting additional pins.
  5. Car wheel base: If you plan to place an advertising flag in a parking lot or other area where there are cars, a car wheel base is necessary. Thanks to its special design, it enables safe and stable mounting of winders under the car wheel.
  6. Flat steel bases: Made of high-quality steel, these flat bases ensure stability even in high winds. Perfect for use on hard surfaces such as sidewalks and terraces. Available in versions: 4, 6, 8, 12 kg.
  7. Flat rubber base: This base for winders for typical outdoor use. Heavy, stable and stainless, it is dedicated to outdoor applications.
  8. Water container: This durable type of base allows it to be filled with water, which increases its stability and durability. Perfect for use in places with high winds.
  9. Water wheel: This is a 10 kg water-filled wheel: This is an additional and practical weight for the winder, which has a special chamber that can be filled with water. Easy to carry and assemble, it is an excellent choice for various outdoor events, especially if you want to provide better stability for your advertising flags.