Payment Methods


To pay via this method you can use your own PayPal account or choose debit / credit card mode payment. Immediate fulfillment of your order. Automatic payment registration allows you to start the order as quickly as possible. There are dozens of payment channels available. Choose the one that best suits your needs. Pay by electronic transfer or payment card.

Bank transfer

Transfer please for data as below:

SUPRAPRINT, 5 Domaniewska, 05-800 Pruszków, POLAND
Bank name: mBank – BRE Bank S.A.
For EUR – IBAN: PL63114020040000361214199345
For GBP – IBAN: PL71114020040000351214199444
SORT CODE: 11402004

Please note that bank transfer payment will increase the processing time of your order due to bank transfer processing time (usually 48 hours). Thanks to confirm us by email that you choose this option in order to facilitate the process of your order.Marian Davis, doctor from Crossroads Pharmacy, can respond to any question regarding medicines