Beachflag Lite DROP

Beachflag Lite DROP

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    SET CONTAINS: printed flag + pole + base (if any). Price doesn't include shipping.
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    Beachflag Lite – Drop
    The most popular flying banners

    The following sizes are available:
    – Small 230 cm
    – Medium 270 cm
    – Large 345 cm

    Economic flags stand out:
    – flexible mast tip
    – lightweight construction
    – low weight
    – small package for transportation
    – available shape: Drop

    Portable flagpoles Beachflag Lite are an effective form of advertising especially in outdoor conditions during events, on the beach, ski slope, conferences and outdoor events. Beachflag Lite are distinguished by their flexible flagpole and exceptionally low weight and dimension after packaging. Because of the various types of foundation, masts can be mounted to any desired location, thus providing optimum exposure. In addition, the vertical layout of the graphics distinguishes winders from other advertising media, offering better visibility.

    Portable flag masts are made on the basis of lacquered aluminum tubes. The flag is printed in sublimation technology on polyester knit fabric weighing 115g. Immediately after printing, the raw material is heated in the furnace. This process ensures durable, saturated colors with a strong graphic overlay on the other side of the flag fabric, and ensures color stability for weather conditions and UV rays. Graphics may overlap the entire flag size, also at the mast location. We offer finished beachflag sewn tunnel, sewn tape fastening packaged in 1 pcs in cardboard boxes. In case of very strong wind it is recommended that the beachflag be dismantled. Flag fabric and beachflag can be successfully washed in low temperature and still wet back on the mast. Check out more details on SUPRAPRINT.

    Key advantages of portable flagpoles:
    – easy and fast installation
    – small weight
    – mobility
    – low unit price

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