What digital printing technologies do we use?

What printing technologies do we use at Supraprint24?

Production of advertising graphics based on modern and flexible solutions.

Changes in the business environment are a natural part of the development of any industry. With technological progress, changing consumer preferences, legal regulations and dynamic market trends, companies must be flexible and adapt to changing conditions. At Supraprint24, we focus on continuous improvement of our machinery, using the best available digital printing technologies.

In the process of producing advertising graphics, we use only digital technologies that ensure the highest quality, a wide range of printing options and the shortest lead times. The materials we print on are characterized by varying durability and maximum print format, which allows us to flexibly adapt to the needs of each project.

Sublimation printing:

This unique technology allows us to print on polyester fabrics and knitted fabrics. Water-based inks are fixed on the material by heating them in a calender at a temperature of 185 ℃ – 200 ℃. As a result of the sublimation process, dye molecules permanently penetrate the structure of the material. Fabrics printed and fixed in this way have a high level of washing and lightfastness. Sublimation printing technology also means exceptionally saturated colors and deep black. Thanks to a wide range of colors and resistance to external conditions, our prints are ideal for the production of various types of advertising and decorative products.

UVgel printing:

UVgel technology enables precise and saturated printing on various media, such as wallpaper, photo wallpaper, self-adhesive vinyls and large-format posters. Thanks to the innovative ink formula and ink hardening method, our prints are characterized by high durability and resistance to mechanical damage and weather conditions.

Latex printing:

Odorless and ecological latex printing ensures the highest quality and durability of large-format prints, even when exposed to external conditions. We print on many advertising substrates, such as: double-sided blockout banner, blackback banner, self-adhesive foils, wallpapers and large-format posters.

UV large format printing:

Led-UV large-format printing technology allows you to print banner materials from a roll up to 5 meters wide, ensuring high quality and resistance to external conditions. Using this technology, we print outdoor banners and large format scrims.

UV printing on rigid substrates:

At Supraprint24, we can print on rigid advertising materials with a thickness of up to 20 mm and a maximum size of 200 x 300 cm. We most often print: foamed PVC, HIPS, Dibond composite aluminium, Correx fluted polypropylene, Plexiglas, Dispa multi-layer boards and Katz Dizplay Board cardboard. We also print double-sided!

Digital printing HP Indigo:

Thanks to HP Indigo digital printing, we can carry out low-volume production within express deadlines, maintaining the highest print quality comparable to offset. We offer printing on many types of substrates, from chalk and decorative papers to self-adhesive foils.

Roll labels printing:

We print online custom labels on a roll, in any shape and quantity. In this respect, we use digital dry-toner printing technology. Our solution enables the production of product labels based on many designs and language versions, as well as the printing of variable data.

Regardless of the needs of your project, in the Supraprint24 digital printing house you will find the appropriate printing technology that will meet your expectations in terms of quality, durability and turnaround time. Thanks to our advanced machinery and experienced team, we can successfully handle even the most demanding advertising and decorative projects. Trust us and see why Supraprint24 is a proven partner in the production of advertising graphics!